• Kustlijn van Pipa

    5 x vegetarian & vegan food in Pipa

    It is not much of a surprise that it is hard to find restaurants in Brazil that offer vegetarian and/or vegan meals. Even in the backpacker-friendly village of Pipa in North-East Brazil I had trouble discovering vegetarian and vegan friendly…

  • Weg met speldbochten in de bergen in Argentinië

    Roadtrip Argentina: Salta – Humahuaca

    The highlight of my trip to Argentina is without a doubt a roadtrip around the Puna in the North. The dreamy landscapes in the Puna are composed of rainbow coloured mountains and arid landscapes covered in giant cacti. The region…

  • Letters Recife
    Life in Brazil

    13 x first impressions Brazil

    Life is different in Brazil. Every day is a little adventure and not a day goes by without learning something new. This is my first ‘official’ visit to Brazil (I only visited the waterfalls of Iguazu) and it is the…

  • Hond met groene achtergrond
    Travel tips

    5 x tips stray dogs in tourist destinations

    Where the hell is that flyer from the health administration? Slightly panicked I desperately roam through my backpack looking for my travel papers and a clean pair of pants. A shock of pain shoots through my calf. My travel companion…

  • Lies op steen uitkijkend over het Quilotoa meer
    Travel tips

    15 x adventurous & responsible activities

    The astounding nature in South America offers a wide range of adventurous activities that combines the forces of the elements water, wind and earth. To practice these activities you don’t need more than an average fitness and a lot of…

  • Flats onder de zonsondergang in Recife
    Life in Brazil

    My first weeks in Brazil

    A little over a month ago I arrived in the sunny Recife in Brazil. Sometimes I think about how I got myself in this situation in the first place. 6 months ago I would have never thought that I would…

  • Kleurrijke straat met eend en motor in Olinda

    Counting churches in Olinda

    Amazing food, South American vibes, colourful streets and a ton of churches. These are just some of the many things you find in the colonial village Olinda, just North of Recife in region Pernambuco. Olinda is famous for its carnaval…

  • La Macarena rivier Colombia

    Discover Caño Cristales in La Macarena

    A little tempted by the dreamy images on Instagram I decided to visit the colourful river Caño Cristales, located in national park Serranía La Macarena. It is challenging to pay this area a visit without an organised tour. But to…