• Ingang mijnen van Potosí

    Potosí: visit the mines (or not)

    The bus descends into the lower lands of Bolivia and I finally feel like I can breathe again. Me and my travel companion stare out the window without saying a word. I look over to read the expression on her…

  • Zwerfafval op het strand
    Travel tips

    No one likes to talk about plastic + tips

    Plastic. Just the word makes me cringe. All the talk about an ocean containing more garbage than marine wildlife made plastic the enemy. But somehow we can’t seem to be able to live without it. Sometimes I just get lost…

  • Hond voor Potrerillos meer met ijstoppen in de achtergrond

    Hiking in Mendoza: Potrerillos

    Mendoza is famous for the iconic Malbec wine. A visit to Mendoza is therefore often associated with visits to many wine farms, presumably a bit tipsy from all the wine tasting. And well, I can’t deny I am one of…

  • Blikje zwerfafval in het zand
    Life in Brazil

    16 x cultural habits in Brazil

    As a gringa in Brasil I am often highly entertained by the astounding cultural differences between Brazilian culture and any other culture I encountered before. My Portuguese is progressing and consequently typical cultural habits from Brazil keep revealing itself to…

  • Kustlijn João Pessoa

    Beach hopping in João Pessoa

    Every beach is the same, right? Sand between your toes, cheeky palm trees and bright blue waves crashing on the beach. But can you really compare one beach to another? Doesn’t every beach have its unique beauty and story? I…

  • Vrouw schrijft Portugese zinnen op krijtbord
    Life in Brazil

    Tudo bueno with learning Portuguese?

    So you don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese? Great, then you probably didn’t notice that something is wrong with the title of this blog. When I decided to move to Brazil for an internship I knew that I had to start…

  • Fort oranje

    History lessons in Igarassu & Itamaracá

    Did you know you can find Dutch roots in the North of Brazil? Apparently, before the Portuguese arrived, the Dutch exerted quite some influence in the North-East of Brazil. My ancestors have touched quite some historical sites around here. I…

  • Pacifische kustlijn Colombia

    Why you should not skip the Pacific Coast

    Holidays in Colombia. For many this involves a trip to idyllic white beaches with a bright blue sea surrounded by palm trees and a visit to the colourful city of Cartagena. If you have the time you might plan some…

  • Oranje gesteente en cactussen in Tatacoa

    Almost a desert – a visit to Tatacoa

    Colombia is one of the most diverse countries in South America when it comes to nature. But still, I did not expect something like the surrealistic landscape of the Tatacoa desert. In Tatacoa you encounter an out of this world…