• Houten keukenblad met ingrediënten en keukengerei
    Brazil,  Travel tips

    Brazilian recipes for a vegetarian meal

    Are you dreaming of going to Brazil someday? Or have you been and you miss Brazil? Bring Brazil into your home by exploring the scents and flavour of Brazilian cuisine. The Brazilian kitchen features a lot of specialties that you…

  • Flamingos in water voor bergtoppen in Bolivia
    Travel tips

    The ultimate packing list for backpackers

    Are you going on an adventure soon? Then it’s time to pack that backpack! Are you afraid you might forget something? After packing my backpack many times I know very well what you should take with you on a trip.…

  • Change the way you travel by travelling more sustainably
    Travel tips

    Sustainable Travel Guide

    Sustainable travel. A hot and trending phrase hard to ignore these days. Sex used to sell, but in 2020 words like eco-friendly, sustainable and green label make us draw our wallets. But how sustainable are travel related practices really? Is…

  • Zwerfafval op het strand
    Travel tips

    No one likes to talk about plastic + tips

    Plastic. Just the word makes me cringe. All the talk about an ocean containing more garbage than marine wildlife made plastic the enemy. But somehow we can’t seem to be able to live without it. Sometimes I just get lost…

  • Hond met groene achtergrond
    Travel tips

    5 x tips stray dogs in tourist destinations

    Where the hell is that flyer from the health administration? Slightly panicked I desperately roam through my backpack looking for my travel papers and a clean pair of pants. A shock of pain shoots through my calf. My travel companion…

  • Lies op steen uitkijkend over het Quilotoa meer
    Travel tips

    15 x adventurous & responsible activities

    The astounding nature in South America offers a wide range of adventurous activities that combines the forces of the elements water, wind and earth. To practice these activities you don’t need more than an average fitness and a lot of…