• Blikje zwerfafval in het zand
    Life in Brazil

    16 x cultural habits in Brazil

    As a gringa in Brasil I am often highly entertained by the astounding cultural differences between Brazilian culture and any other culture I encountered before. My Portuguese is progressing and consequently typical cultural habits from Brazil keep revealing itself to…

  • Vrouw schrijft Portugese zinnen op krijtbord
    Life in Brazil

    Tudo bueno with learning Portuguese?

    So you don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese? Great, then you probably didn’t notice that something is wrong with the title of this blog. When I decided to move to Brazil for an internship I knew that I had to start…

  • Letters Recife
    Life in Brazil

    13 x first impressions Brazil

    Life is different in Brazil. Every day is a little adventure and not a day goes by without learning something new. This is my first ‘official’ visit to Brazil (I only visited the waterfalls of Iguazu) and it is the…

  • Flats onder de zonsondergang in Recife
    Life in Brazil

    My first weeks in Brazil

    A little over a month ago I arrived in the sunny Recife in Brazil. Sometimes I think about how I got myself in this situation in the first place. 6 months ago I would have never thought that I would…