• Kabelbaan naar buitenwijk in Medellín

    Medellín: 5 x things to do + where to stay

    Medellín used to be one of the most dangerous cities in Colombia because of the influence of druglord Pablo Escobar. The government has invested to transform Medellín over the past decades and today it is one of the safest cities…

  • Zonsondergang boven de zee met palmboom en boten

    9 x do’s in Colombia

    Colombia is blessed with an astounding biodiversity, metropolitan cities, colourful villages and so much more. Colombia is no longer a hidden gem destination and tourism numbers increased significantly over the last few years. Tourism is a great boost for Colombia’s…

  • Pacifische kustlijn Colombia

    Why you should not skip the Pacific Coast

    Holidays in Colombia. For many this involves a trip to idyllic white beaches with a bright blue sea surrounded by palm trees and a visit to the colourful city of Cartagena. If you have the time you might plan some…

  • Oranje gesteente en cactussen in Tatacoa

    Almost a desert – a visit to Tatacoa

    Colombia is one of the most diverse countries in South America when it comes to nature. But still, I did not expect something like the surrealistic landscape of the Tatacoa desert. In Tatacoa you encounter an out of this world…

  • La Macarena rivier Colombia

    Discover Caño Cristales in La Macarena

    A little tempted by the dreamy images on Instagram I decided to visit the colourful river Caño Cristales, located in national park Serranía La Macarena. It is challenging to pay this area a visit without an organised tour. But to…

  • Haven Capurganá

    Capurganá, a hidden gem for divers

    My eyes are set on the water smashing against the boat. I feel a little sick and I have butterflies in my stomach at the same time. My face is an open book and my friend Bea puts her arm…