• Houten keukenblad met ingrediënten en keukengerei
    Brazil,  Travel tips

    Brazilian recipes for a vegetarian meal

    Are you dreaming of going to Brazil someday? Or have you been and you miss Brazil? Bring Brazil into your home by exploring the scents and flavour of Brazilian cuisine. The Brazilian kitchen features a lot of specialties that you…

  • Palmtrees along beach in Natal

    Natal: Surfing, dunes and adrenaline kicks

    Natal is a city located in the Northeast of Brazil. The city is blessed with a year round tropical climate. Natal was found on the 25th of December, which has resulted in its unusual yet suitable name: Natal translates to…

  • Kustlijn João Pessoa

    Beach hopping in João Pessoa

    Every beach is the same, right? Sand between your toes, cheeky palm trees and bright blue waves crashing on the beach. But can you really compare one beach to another? Doesn’t every beach have its unique beauty and story? I…

  • Fort oranje

    History lessons in Igarassu & Itamaracá

    Did you know you can find Dutch roots in the North of Brazil? Apparently, before the Portuguese arrived, the Dutch exerted quite some influence in the North-East of Brazil. My ancestors have touched quite some historical sites around here. I…

  • Kustlijn van Pipa

    5 x vegetarian & vegan food in Pipa

    It is not much of a surprise that it is hard to find restaurants in Brazil that offer vegetarian and/or vegan meals. Even in the backpacker-friendly village of Pipa in North-East Brazil I had trouble discovering vegetarian and vegan friendly…

  • Kleurrijke straat met eend en motor in Olinda

    Counting churches in Olinda

    Amazing food, South American vibes, colourful streets and a ton of churches. These are just some of the many things you find in the colonial village Olinda, just North of Recife in region Pernambuco. Olinda is famous for its carnaval…