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5 x vegetarian & vegan food in Pipa

It is not much of a surprise that it is hard to find restaurants in Brazil that offer vegetarian and/or vegan meals. Even in the backpacker-friendly village of Pipa in North-East Brazil I had trouble discovering vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants. Or more specifically, restaurants where the vega(n) option goes beyond rice and beans. Are you planning to visit Pipa? Check out 5 places in the centre of Pipa where you can eat an animal-friendly meal at a fair price and tips for discovering restaurants that offer vegetarian and/or vegan options. 


Padaria Marraqueta is a Chilean bakery that offers delicious breakfast and packed lunch to take to the beach. I spent a year of my life in South America and I must say they prepare the best cheese sandwich I had during my time here. They also have delicious cinnamon buns. The staff is super friendly and they speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. They are happy to inform you about vegetarian and / or vegan sandwiches. Finally, I give them bonus points for using paper instead of plastic packaging! ūüėȬ†

Category: breakfast, lunch 
Adres: Rua Albacora 32, Pipa Centro 
Opening hours: unknown, get in touch via Instagram. 


The word ¬īRoots¬ī has a completely different meaning in Portuguese than it does in English. In Portuguese, the word Roots is a term used to describe a relaxed atmosphere in a natural environment. This is a perfect description of this restaurant where you will devour tasty burgers with fries. The staff walks around carrying trays with burgers cut into quarters and you can take whichever and as many quarters as you¬īd like. Inform the staff that you eat vegetarian or vegan and you can count on delicious lentil and bean burgers.

Categorie: dinner 
Adres: Rua do Ceu, 109, Pipa Centro
Opening hours: wednesday to sunday, 18:00-23:00 


I live without regrets. Well okay, I live with one regret. Why haven’t I discovered before that the best way to have a√ßa√≠ is in a self-service bar like Top Summer? Combining different types of ice cream with a√ßa√≠ is delicious and then you top off the bowl with nuts, granola and fruit. And its also very cheap. Don¬īt make the same mistake and hit up this a√ßa√≠ bar. Top Summer in Pipa is my favourite place to get a√ßa√≠ because you can have your a√ßa√≠ with a reusable container and spoon (yay, no plastic!)¬†and the view is great. Please inquire for vegan options.

Categorie: sobremesa (sweet snack for after meals)
Adres: Avenida Baía dos Golfinhos 1006, Praia da Pipa 
Opening hours
: every day, 11:30-22:30 


Just the sight of  this restaurant gave me good vibes. The waitress outside noticed I was looking for a vegetarian meal and informed me with genuine enthusiasm about the many options they offer. There is Jazz music playing in the background and the restaurant is cozy. It is the perfect please to go out for dinner solo as the staff is friendly and service is fast. It is a hub for artists as you can show off your artistic talents by colouring your placemat  Again, Macoco offers vegetarian and vegan options at a fair price.

Category: dinner 
Adres: Rua do Céu 90, Centro de Pipa 
Opening hours:
 wednesday to thursday, 18:00-23:00 


I never thought I could score such incredibly tasty Pad Thai in Brazil. I had my doubts at first because I didn’t trust Brazilians with Thai cuisine. But, my expectations have been exceeded and my next visit I will definitely come back to taste the curry. Almost all dishes can be prepared vegetarian and vegan (some dishes contain egg so check well). Tofu is used as a meat substitute or they prepare the dish with extra vegetables.

Category: dinner 
Adres: Rua do Céu 17, Centro de Pipa
Opening hours:


The easiest way to discover restaurants that offer worthwhile vegetarian and vegan options is with¬†HappyCow. HappyCow is a website (also available as application) that allows you to search for restaurants based on vegetarian or vegan only or vegetarian options! If you can¬īt find a good and affordable option on HappyCow you can also look for a restaurant yourself.¬† ¬†

To look for a restaurant that offers vegetarian and vegan options it is important to think in possibilities, not restrictions. There might not be a vegetarian or vegan dish on the menu, but you can check if a dish can still be prepared without animal product. Also take a look at the menu for snacks and small bites, maybe you can compose a meal from seperate components. 

In Brazil there is often a certain vibe in restaurants that offer vegetarian and vegan options. Often its restaurants with a hipster atmosphere with a young and touristy audience. Take time to do some research before you travel to check out local vegetarian and vegan meals. And finally: don’t be too hard on yourself. You can do anything to prevent consuming animal product, but always remind yourself food waste is worse than consuming a tiny bit of egg or butter. Finally, I promise you there are plenty of animal-friendly tasty dishes waiting for you in Pipa and other parts of Brazil.

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