About Travelies

Travelies is a travelblog for adventurous travellers in South America. It is a platform where my passion for South America and writing meet. Find inspiring travel stories on Travelies and tips to prepare for your trip. All my stories are based on my own experiences because I only write about destinations I visited. 

Travelies is a little different from other blogs. I truly believe we can make the world a little better by travelling responsibly. Travelies is the right place to find tips about sustainable travel and throughout every post sustainability is a key topic. Even solo travellers can never forget you never really travel alone, but in harmony with other people, animals and our beautiful planet. 


Hola! My name is Liesanne, the face behind Travelies. I am a parttime backpacker and a fulltime optimist with a tiny South America obsession. In 2017 I travelled to South America for the first time. It was love at first sight, I stayed for nine months instead of the planned three months. When I got back I started a Master in Tourism. Last year I launched Travelies and I moved to Recife in Brazil for an internship at a DMC. 

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 I had to no choice but to return to The Netherlands. I am deeply disappointed, but this is also an opportunity. An opportunity to tell you more travel stories and the best travel tips. And the perfect time to prepare the best advice for when we can travel to my favourite continent again. Are you also excited? Start your virtual trip on Travelies!